57 Gen-Z Approved Trendy Buys at Nordstrom Right Now

As someone who falls into the category of Gen Z, I’ve always found it tricky to find pieces I really love when taking a quick look at the Nordstrom site. I always see other editors’ great finds, so I decided to take a deep dive and ended up proving myself wrong. It’s already been established that Nordstrom is a great shopping destination for basics, but if you scan the site on an editor level, there are plenty of fun and trendy pieces waiting for you to find them. Don’t be fooled by the word trendy because any of the items below will get a ton of wear.

Nordstrom not only has its own brands like Open Edit and BP., but it came to my attention that it also houses some of WWW’s favorites like Mango, & Other Stories, and Lisa Says Gah. Basically, it’s a candy store for the fashion set, and I found all the full-size chocolate bars. I relayed all 57 items that caught my eye below so you don’t have to do the hours of scrolling that I did. 

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