The 30 Best Cheap High-Waisted Jeans for Women in 2022



Here’s a secret: I don’t like spending a lot of money on jeans. It’s true that my entire denim collection includes the usual suspects, such as Mother, Agolde, and Hudson, but since I’m a fashion editor, the reality is that a majority of my pricier pairs are gifted. It’s one of the advantages of the job, but despite the privilege of trying on some truly amazing jeans, it hasn’t done much to change my penchant for cheap pairs. 

I still maintain that a $200 pair of jeans can absolutely be worth the money in the right circumstances, but little comes close to the allure of saving a few bucks. After analyzing the styles and pairs that I reach for the most, I found that the bulk of them are what I’d call moderately affordable—typically under $100 on retail and on a good day (aka a sale) under $60. And each pair is as trendy, quality, and comfortable as those double the price. Ahead, I’m outlining all of my favorite jeans that fall into this category of cheap and amazing. Just a warning: I’m a curvy girl who loves a crop top, so they’re all high-waisted pairs. Keep scrolling to check out my top recs.

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