7 Trends I’m Prioritizing and 7 I’m Passing on This Spring

While I spend the majority of my day writing about fashion on the internet, I realized that I spend very little time in my own closet. I usually rush to get dressed in the morning or find myself staring at the void of clothes I own, giving up and wearing the same easy outfit I always wear. I knew what exactly the issue was—I needed to spend quality time with my clothes and figure out what I should prioritize and what I should pass on to make my wardrobe more wearable. It’s not to say I won’t wear the trends I’m passing on ever again. I’ll just be giving up the few pieces that get zero wear in my closet and stop myself from buying more. (I have a bad habit of buying multiples of things that pique my interest.)

I’m a procrastinator at heart, but I finally put in the effort and time and gave myself the spring refresh my wardrobe needed. It’s only been two weeks, and I’ve already been putting together a variety of forward outfits with ease. I added a few new pieces from the list below, and they got wear right away instead of collecting dust in my closet. Not only that, but they made it easier to style things I already own and found difficult to wear. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t share my process, so I rounded up seven trends that I’ve been prioritizing adding to my closet and seven I think I’ve had my fair share of already.

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