Farfetch Now Carries Beauty—Here Are 40 Items to Shop ASAP

Let me preface this by saying I knew Farfetch’s new beauty launch would be next-level (it’s one of our all-time favorite destinations for fashion, after all), I just didn’t know how next-level. So, cue my utter excitement and credit card grabbing once I arrived at the site’s product-studded landing page where you can now shop over 100 leading beauty brands—like, the most-wanted of the most-wanted—spanning leading global names like Chanel to smaller, cult-loved indie brands like Woods Copenhagen. 

“Farfetch Beauty is the destination for celebrating the transformational nature of beauty as a mode of identity in contemporary culture, while championing the emotional connection of how modern beauty makes you feel and not just how you look,” a press release from the retailer explains. “Through an immersive crossover between fashion and beauty, Farfetch Beauty serves customers across all ages, races, cultures, and genders in an ‘Only on Farfetch’ way.”

I already know you’re just as excited as we are to be able to shop the best in beauty along with your favorite designers and emerging fashion brands, so I’ll get right down to it. In celebratory honor of Farfetch Beauty, I took it upon myself to shop literally every single item that’s currently available, whittling it down to 40 ultra-exceptional beauty products I can practically guarantee you’ll love. Keep scrolling!

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