Quick Makeup Tip: Let Your Liner Do All the Heavy Lifting

urban decay light liner
Clockwise from the white on the upper left: Urban Decay Yeyo, Urban Decay Scorch, Urban Decay Goldmine, Urban Decay Heartless, Esum Rose and Urban Decay Cuff

When you’re pressed for time, use your eyeliner as your shadow! Pencil liner usually works best; I like pencils with a little bit of slip, but not too much, like the MAC liners — Powersurge and Teddy are two of my favorites.

I’m wearing Powersurge all over my lids in the pic below…

mac powersurge swatch

Oh, and try not to overthink it! Just sketch a rough shape on your lids with your pencil, then smudge and blend with either a finger or a fluffy domed shadow brush.

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