5 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately

1. CFX Resistance Bands

I got these to replace the plastic resistance bands I’ve been using for years (I ended up tearing the medium and heavy bands, LOL). These are so much better! They don’t fall down your legs, are easy to remove, and the resistance is actually very substantial, so your muscles are forced to really feel the burn. I bought my set of light, medium and heavy bands on Amazon, and I used them today during this leg workout!

2. T3 Bodywaver

This is a large barrel curling iron that works great for curling hair into loose, big curls. It gets really, really hot, so I never go beyond the second setting to avoid burning my hair.

Anywho, I bought it years ago and kinda forgot about it, but I’ve been using it a ton lately to get my hair bouncy, big and smooooooove. It’s especially useful for ironing out my wild, wayward grays. With this tool, it takes about five minutes total to sort my hair out.

3. Green Tea Mochi at Trader Joe’s

Oh em gee, so good. My whole family is straight up addicted to these little pockets of green tea ice cream wrapped up in a sweet, chewy, rice dough wrapper. I have a sweet tooth and need a little something-something after dinner, and after one or two of these, I’m good.

4. Basketball movies

I’ve watched a couple good ones lately: “Hustle” on Netflix and “Rise” on Disney Plus. Both are family friendly and thoroughly enjoyable.

I may have cried a little watching this

I cried a TON watching this one

5. The word of the day screensaver

I have my screensaver set to “word of the day” on my computer (here’s how to do it). I freakin’ love it because it’s an easy way to bump up your vocabulary! Today’s word was a good one, by the way.

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