Evolution Diet Vegan Gourmet Fondue Dry Cat Food, High Protein Kibble (5 lb)

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πŸ“¦ CONTENT – One 5-lb bag; tried and tested formula with over 30 years on the market, 100% plant-based formula; 512kCal/8 oz cup.
πŸ’‘ FEATURES – Plant-based / Vegan formula, a complete meal that contains 100% of the required nutrients as per NRC and AAFCO nutritional profile standard. High Protein formula of 30% satisfies the nutritional requirements of adult cats, growing kittens, lactating cats and seniors.
πŸ’– HEALTH BENEFITS – Taurine supplementation ensures proper heart function (lowers chance of DCM); Healthy skin and shiny coat; improved quality of breath (no more bad breath!), improved smell/consistency of poop and overall body order is better, more energy/less lethargy.

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